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[with Thomas]

[A day or two after this.]

There are five of the liveried guardsmen in the inn now, and two in the stables.

Kaya hid the night in a storeroom bin that used to hold apples, and is now peering through a crack in the wall into the common room and trying to find a way past them.
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The guards know she's there, and they know it's only a matter of time before they're able to flush the girl out.
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Step one and two, they don't see her, step three there's a hoarse shout from one of the men as she's spotted, and on the fourth they begin moving. Tall, lumbering and intent on their capture.
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The guards continue to shout, their numbers and their cacophony growing as they group together then spread out in an attempt to catch her.

In the distance, there's thunder.
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The thundering gets louder, and there's more shouting and the creak of a carriage and it get's louder and closer until there's a hand grasping the back of her shirt and pulling her up and onto the driver's perch.
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There's a grunt as Thomas tries to keep her steady while getting her safe.

"Easy! It's okay, it's okay, you're safe, it's okay."
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He utters a surprised curse at the crossbow bolt and motions for her to get low, doing the same himself. Next he leans forward, lightly touching the flank of one of the horses, and, as some sort of signal, both of them take off at greater speed.

Gaining more ground now, he chances a lean over to one side to glance at their pursuers.
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Smiling fondly, he reaches out almost lazily to ruffle her bangs.

"Not my first escape from the law, kiddo. I can handle this."

They've gained good ground now, line of sight lost once they break into the trees. The horses go for just a bit longer before slowing to a stop and Thomas casts an anxious look behind them.

"Quick, check the carriage for anything useful, then we have to move."
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While Kaya ransacks the carriage, Thomas keeps a lookout for any more company. There's none to be seen for the moment, so he moves in front of the horses, an apple appearing from within his pockets, along with a quick flash of knife to cut the fruit in two.

He's just finished feeding them when a bird enters the clearing, Kaya likely missing the way it lands in his hair and chirps at him before taking off.

"We need to go," he calls after the girl. "The horses will lead them for a merry chase, and if we're lucky, we'll be able to loop back around to the town."
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He eyes her in return, making a soft noise of consideration.

"Alright, I suppose. I've lived on less in the way of supplies. Come on, then."
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He arches a brow in return.

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He shrugs easily and begins to move. Otherwise the soldiers will be on their asses.

"I wouldn't have said I would if I wasn't going to follow through."
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"Of course," he says, canting his head in a direction. "They'll come from that way, but they'll likely follow the horses for a time. That'll allow us some distance."

Thomas lifts a hand towards the horses as he moves, as if in farewell, and the horses take off once more, leaving them.
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Thomas follows, walking next to her and remaining alert for any extra sounds in the underbrush. The creek is welcome, though, because it should make the going a little easier, especially when he guides Kaya down a narrow deer trail.

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