phoenixmuses: (gaeta: age (almost) twelve)
Phoenix's Muses ([personal profile] phoenixmuses) wrote in [personal profile] no_thief 2009-04-06 12:37 am (UTC)

Picon's a comfortably middle-class colony: not the hub of prestige that marks Caprica, but not a poor and disenfranchised planet like Aerilon, either. Kaya's ragged clothes are just out of place enough to garner a second look; it's the sort of second look that's followed by a shrug and prompt dismissal, though.

Felix doesn't notice any of that for at least a minute. When he finally does, he steps a little closer to Kaya, as if to say, It's okay -- both to her and to the people on the street.

"We're gonna turn left up here," he says as he takes a break from his explanation. Felix points to the corner just ahead.

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