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[with Thomas, in Seval]

Still in the town of Seval, still in the abandoned building they've made their hideout. Kaya hasn't yet begun to get nervous about staying too long in one place, but it won't be long now.

It's been raining all day. Luckily, the only leak in the roof is all the way at one end of the room; they've set up a barrel to catch the dripping water and retired to the other end. If it isn't too cold, later, maybe she'll use some of the water to wash with.

Right now she's curled in her nest of blankets and straw, half-dozing, with her back to the wall.
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He doesn't move to touch it. Not unless he offers it to him. Instead, he leans just a little to get a better look. "It's very pretty."
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"You've done a wonderful job in keeping it safe."


"Is there a reason they want it, aside from saying you stole it?"
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"No mater if it is or not, we won't let them have it."
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"And of course we don't know where that is."